The NEUREKA partners at  LAAS-CNRS have developerd the first generation 60-channel NanoElectrode Array (NEA) platfrom with Pt-based nanoprobes on 1D nanostructures.

The demonstration device consists of nanowire arrays (NWA) for both stimulation and recording of neuronal electrical activity. This NEA technology will be used throughout the project by the partners to implement all developments, tests, optimizations and protocols according to the objectives of NEUREKA. Patch-clamp experiments will be performed at UNIPD, onto the NEA devices, along with recording sessions. This will lead to the combination of both intracellular (patch clamp) and extracellular measurements (NEA) on the same neuron,  therefore a better understanding of the recorded electrical signal. 

The device is described in the  Deliverable 2.1 of the Project