The NEUREKA project was a Featured project in the latest 2021 Impact Report of the European Innovation Council which was recently published.  The feature includes a brief statement from Project Coordinator Dr. Yiota Poirazi:

Funding from the EIC Pathfinder is playing a fundamental role in shaping my scientific career. It has increased my visibility within my institution but also at the European and International level while providing a unique opportunity to translate basic science research “ into innovations that will help combat a disease which touches the lives of millions of people: Alzheimer’s.

Crucially, the funding has helped me to establish a state of the art, highperformance computing cluster which is essential to help realise our vision.

Finally, I have had the opportunity to lead and manage an international team of talented people and establish long-term relationships with institutions, universities and companies, providing a strong foundation for results that can strengthen the competitiveness of European R&I on the international stage

Link to the full report: EIC Impact Report 2021