We are excited to announce the addition of a new member of our team, Dr. Praveena Manogaran,  who recently joined NEUREKA on behalf of MaxWell Biosystems. Praveena is Senior Scientist at MaxWell Biosystems and is responsible for conducting scientific collaborative projects, leading R&D experiments to develop bioassays and protocols, scientific dissemination as well as grant acquisition and management.

Praveena’s main scientific background is in neuroscience and biotechnology. During her post-doctoral fellowship, she specialized in neuroprotection, electrical stimulation, and electrophysiology with ophthalmology applications using microelectrode array technology. Praveena also has substantial experience in analysis of large-scale datasets, image analysis and segmentation, statistical modelling, and neuroimaging. 

She obtained her PhD at ETH Zurich in Neuroscience / Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (Zurich, Switzerland) and her MSc from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) in Experimental Medicine / Neurology.