Ines Muguet and Aziliz Lecomte from Guilhem Larrieu’s team had the opportunity to present work from the NEUREKA project on nanowires-based electrodes and the neuron-nanowire interaction at the National Nanowire Days (J2N 2022) in Nice France, 28-30 September 2022.

For her oral presentation ‘Nanowires-based electrodes for high resolution neuronal activity monitoring’, Ines Muguet was given the Best Presentation Award. More details on their work can be found on


National Nanowire Days – J2N 2022 – 28-30 Sept. 2022 – Nice, France

– I. Muguet, F. Mathieu, M.-C. Blatché, A. Maziz, L. Mazenq, G. Larrieu  “Nanowires-based electrodes for high resolution neuronal activity monitoring” , oral

– A. Lecomte, A. Casanova, M.-C. Blatché, J. Gonzalès, A. Ajagli,  L. Mazenq , \u000BD. Gonzalez-Dunia, G. Larrieu  ” Engineering neuron-nanowire interactions enable control over axonal guidance on wide surfaces”, oral