MaxWell Biosystems will be presenting posters at two conferences this month, featuring work from the NEUREKA project

MxW Poster at Society for Neuroscience 2022

Maxwell Biosystems is presenting a poster at SfN 2022, San Diego, USA:

MaxLab Live AxonTracking Assay: High-Throughput Label Free Identification and Functional Characterization of Axons in Neuronal Networks (Poster), 12-16 November 2022 (


MxW Innovation Showcase at ISSCR 2022

The Innovation Showcase is being held by MaxWell Biosystems on Friday November 18th at 8am EST. Urs Frey and Praveena Manogaran, members of the consortium will be present at ISSCR Boston International Symposium 2022 as representatives of MaxWell Biosystems.

ISSCR Boston International Symposium 2022, Boston, USA – Next generation in-vitro assays: characterizing the activity of human iPSC-derived neurons in 2D and 3D cultures at high resolution (Innovation Showcase Presentation), 17-19 November 2022