Prof. Stefano Vassanelli from UNIPD presented about Brain-Computer Interfaces in an event about the latest research in the field of AI applied to neuroimaging, intelligent exoskeletons, and brain-computer interfaces in the Padova Neuroscience Center (PNC).

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Photo from Redazione VeGBC.

We are excited and proud to announce that Ioanna Pandi a very talented Ph.D. candidate in Poirazi Lab, recently received one of the 11 travel grants for international students for The Brain Conference: Structuring Knowledge for Flexible Behaviour organized by FENS in Rungsted Kyst, Denmark. She was also selected to give a talk and present a poster on her work during the conference. In addition, she received a travel grant to attend and present her work with a poster at the 30th Meeting of the Hellenic Society for Neuroscience at the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” in Athens.



NEUREKA was one of the projects presented to the general public during the European Researcher’s Night which took place at FORTH  in Crete on 29 September 2023. Members of the Poirazi Lab presented the lab’s projects, along with AlzModel which is a part of NEUREKA. Interactive activities had been prepared, including games which piqued the interest of youths and children who visited the yearly event. NEUREKA coordinator Yiota Poirazi also took part on behalf of her lab to meet an enthusiastic crowd of young people and students.

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NEUREKA consortium partners LAAS-CNRS recently published a new article in Advanced Materials about their work in NEUREKA.

Guilhem Larrieu and co-workers demonstrate a precision-controlled electrodeposition of PEDOT:PSS onto 3D nanowire electrodes, yielding remarkable improvements in electrochemical performance for neural interface applications. This nanoscale-controlled coating substantially reduces interface impedance and enhances stimulation capability compared with conventional metallic coatings.

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Last week, the NEUREKA project partners gathered in Padova for its Consortium Meeting. The meeting provided an opportunity for the partners to discuss the overall advancement of the project and delve into the specifics of each Work Package. With discussions and planning sessions, the consortium members charted the course for the next steps of the project.

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