Researchers at the Poirazi Lab at FORTH (A NEUREKA partner) have developed new software that allows the incorporation of important dendritic properties into neural network models. Such models advance our understanding of brain function and lead to new artificial intelligence systems.

In a recent publication, in Nature Communications, the team of Dr. Poirazi presents a new software framework that allows the incorporation of dendrites and their key mechanisms into large-scale neural network models. This study introduces a new software framework that allows even naive users to build neuronal models with dendrites in a simple and efficient manner, thus minimizing . Such computational models help to elucidate the role of dendrites in complex brain functions while also facilitating their incorporation in neuromorphic devices, a type of neuro-inspired artificial intelligence architecture. The work was funded by NEUREKA and featured in the newsletter of Greek Secretariat of Research and Innovation and in the Greek press.


More information:

Pagkalos et al, Introducing the Dendrify framework for incorporating dendrites to spiking neural networks, Nature Communications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-35747-8